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The annual "Best in Broadcasting" awards program allows our broadcasters to strut their stuff with other broadcasters!


Just like that saying: "membership has it's rewards"  Join a tradition that is still trending, join the ISBA! Learn more!


ISBA Programs are designed to bring additional information and community based awareness to Idaho

Defining Broadcasters for the 114th Congress


Americans turn to local TV and radio stations to provide them with the news, emergency updates, weather reports, sports and entertainment they value. Yet, the policymakers who have the ability to shape broadcasting’s future do not always understand local stations' vital role in communities.Broadcasters: Always there for you, wherever there may be.  

Thank you for joining the National Association of Broadcasters in educating policymakers of the unique and important role local stations play in communities across the nation and how you are innovating to better serve listeners and viewers. Your engagement in this campaign will determine its success. Click here for broadcast quality video and audio in 30 and 60 second lengths

2015 Awards

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