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The annual "Best in Broadcasting" awards program allows our broadcasters to strut their stuff with other broadcasters!


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After a year long hiatus due to the pandemic, the Best in Broadcasting awards program is back for 2021!  Woot!  Click on the "read more" below for complete program information and get ready to strut your stuff as we once again recognized the best and the brightest in Idaho broadcasting!

May, 2021
Dear Idaho Broadcaster:
It is once again time to bring out your best to enter in Idaho's Best in Broadcasting Awards. This year I hope you will be among those we honor for excellence in broadcasting. This includes all you need to enter and I encourage you to do so. Remember, you cannot win if you do not enter. All of your entries should have been 011-air between May 31, 2020 and May 31. 2021—except the following:
News entiles from radio and television will be required to enter one show in its entirety (please delete commercials). This year, if you plan to enter "Best News" you should tape all of your newscasts during the week (5 days, Monday thru Friday) beginning Monday, May 17 and ending Friday, May 21. After that week, a specific day will be chosen as the entry day and you will be notified of that day by e-mail. This year. Best anchor and best weather segments in the Television division can be entered from any local newscast from May 17, 2021 to May 21, 2021. These segments must be entered separately on the “Best in Media” website if you wish to enter.
The following radio entries should be a compilation of the best of show between May 31, 2020 and May 31, 2021
Best Personality (Non Morning Show)
Best Morning Radio Show
Best Talk Show
ENTRY DEADLINE IS June 15, 2021 Entries will open June 1 on the Best in Media site (www.bestinmedia.eom). Material broadcast between May 31, 2020 and May 31, 2021 is eligible. Good luck to all of you. Questions? Call Connie Searles at 345-3072 or email: isba@idahobroadc asters. org.
Tliis year we will present our award winners virtually. More information on the date and location of the virtual gala will be forthcoming.

As in the past, this year’s awards will all be entered and judged electronically on the ‘‘Best In Media” website, www.bestinmedia.com. Please check and read carefully before starting the entry process.
Categories and entry rules are all right here.
Instructions for entering, formats, etc. are all on the website and the last page of this Call for Entries. Please read carefully before beginning the entry process.
Payments for entries will be made through Pay Pal. Make sure you have a Pay Pal account or a credit/debit card handy when you begin uploading your entries. You can pay for an individual entry, or all your entries at once.
You may begin entering June 1, 2021 and entries will be open until JUNE 15. NO EXTENSIONS
Some words of wisdom: Also see last page
You must create a new account this year. You may use the same username / password from last year, but you need to create a new account for 2021. Using the Log In / Out / Register, create an account for 2021. You will be asked for your name, your email, and to create a username and a password.
You MUST USE a YouTube account to submit videos and the videos must be listed as “PUBLIC”. Videos cannot be submitted from a 3rd party website unless it’s for an online category.
Make sure that bestinmedia.com and cognitoforns.com are accepted by your email program.
Best in Media for 2021 has made the entry process even more streamlined. As long as you follow the simple step-by-step process, it’s simple and quick.
Questions? Contact Tom Frazee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Video: Best in Media only allows video running from a YouTube account. No 3rd party websites or streaming sites are permitted unless it’s a part of an online category Your video MUST be set to “public” so the judges will be able to view your entry video
  2. Audio: MP3 file submitted to your media account. No 3rd party websites or streaming sites are permitted
  3. Support images or documents: Images need to be either a PNG or JPG file. Documents must be a PDF file.
  4. 3rd Party Website Links.  The only time a link to a 3rd party website or social media page is allowed is in an Online specific category.
Entry Process:
1. Go to www.bestinmedia.com and Log In using the Log In / Out / Register tab in the navigator bar
2. Roll over “CREATE AN ENTRY” and select the state association or organization you are entering
3. The pre-populated entry form will load. You will need the following information per entry:
Your personal information
The division and category you are entering.
An entry name or title.
The YouTube video URL or audio, image or document file name. Note: You can submit up to 4 flies or URL ’s per entry
Name(s) of the people involved in the creation of the entry production (for recognition)
Then you submit the form. A copy of this form will be sent to your email within moments along with a link if you would like to make any changes to the entry. This allows you to update any submitted form without having to contact Best in Media.
Once you submit the form, you will be re-directed to an entry confirmation page where you can:
Verify your media is submitted and viewable
Return and create another entry
Go and pay for your entry
Return to the homepage to log out

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