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The annual "Best in Broadcasting" awards program allows our broadcasters to strut their stuff with other broadcasters!


Just like that saying: "membership has it's rewards"  Join a tradition that is still trending, join the ISBA! Learn more!


ISBA Programs are designed to bring additional information and community based awareness to Idaho

Membership Has It's Benefits

Membership in any professional organization related to your business had untold benefits.  In the ISBA, you help to build the broadcast community, get information about recent regulatory activity, stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends, network with peers, post jobs, just to name a few.

Membership saves you a lot of money in reduced fees and the "First for Free" entry benefit where you get the first entry into ANY category for free!

Amazing deals and networking by being an active part of the Idaho State Broadcasters!  Click here for a membership form and call Lisa Owens at 208-345-3072 and join.  With the awards program starting up in a few days, your entry fees could save you more than the membership cost!  Check it out.

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