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The annual "Best in Broadcasting" awards program allows our broadcasters to strut their stuff with other broadcasters!


Just like that saying: "membership has it's rewards"  Join a tradition that is still trending, join the ISBA! Learn more!


ISBA Programs are designed to bring additional information and community based awareness to Idaho


I am sorry to announce that due to the disruptions caused by the virus pandemic, the Board of Directors has decided to cancel our “Best In Broadcasting” awards for 2020.  
While the awards are canceled, we will continue to celebrate the front line activities of all our Idaho broadcasters in the face of this mass disruption in our way of life.  Each of you, and all your employees, are heroes of the first order in your dedication to informing and aiding your communities.
Connie Searles, President, Idaho State Broadcasters Association


The ISBA hosted a meet and greet with the Idaho State Legislative representatives on January 14th, 2020.  Here are some images from the successful event.

The 2020 ISBA Legislative reception brought together leaders in Idaho government with leaders in Idaho's broadcast industry.  The event was well attended and included a wonderful buffet and great music provided by the 25th Army jazz ensemble.

In attendance was Governor Little, ISBA Chairman, Ron Pisaneschi as well as ISBA Public Affairs consultant and Teresa Molitor of Molitor & Associates.

Best in Broadcasting Wraps Up Their Awards Season

The ISBA just celebrated the 2018-2019 Best in Broadcasting Awards at a gala reception on Saturday, August 3rd and was attended by close to 100 of Idaho's top broadcasters in radio, television and on-line professionals.

The awards for creativity and top news, sports and weather segments as well as best reporters, anchors, play x play, weather and community support were just a part of the awards handed out that evening.

Start putting aside your top stories for the next awards season, as the ISBA will be celebrating it's 70th year representing Idaho broadcasters.

In the meantime, congratulations to everyone that works bringing the best of broadcasting to the state of Idaho and of course this years winners.

Click on the image below for a full list of all the winners and runner ups.  Thanks to the folks at Best in Media for providing an excellent platform and service during the awards entry and judging process, and Brad Elsberg for putting together another great presentation.

CLICK HERE to see all the winners and runner ups for this awards season

Welcome to the ISBA

Our Commitment to this Great Program: To enhance and insure the high professional standards and economic growth of the Radio and Television industry in the state of Idaho through education opportunities, effective political forum and public service.  We are located at 1674 W. Hill Rd., Ste. 3, Boise, ID  83702. Contacts: 208 345-3072 or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note:  Our "Jobs" area is very robust and is constantly being updated.  If you are an industry professional looking for a position in Idaho's broadcast community, or a broadcaster in Idaho, please check the postings often.

There are currently 22 jobs posted!  Click here and check out the opportunities


Membership Drive for 2019

The ISBA is currently focusing on it's membership information...and of course, to get more members for the 2019 year.  Why not...it's a cool organization to be a part of and makes you all warm inside to join!

  1. Please click on the form image and update your membership information.  We want to be current as we enter the new year.
  2. Also, here is a list of current benefits the ISBA offers.  Like they say, "membership has it's rewards"!
  3. Click here to get a membership application
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